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Hire an asphalt contractor in Coldwater, MI

Hire an asphalt contractor in Coldwater, MI

Thompson Construction has spent 20 years delivering exceptional asphalt services to Coldwater, Michigan homeowners and property owners alike. We can lay, repair or enhance your road surface to allow for many additional years of well-maintained appearance and regular use.

What does your street need?

  • Paving. We’ll lay down fresh, high-quality asphalt that’ll look great and last a long time.
  • Milling. Using top-notch equipment— along with years of proven skill— we can remove part of your paved area to level and smooth the asphalt.
  • Seal coating. If you’re looking for an asphalt seal coating that’ll refresh and protect your blacktop, you should call us. We’re experts at this money-saving work!
  • Striping. Let us enhance the professionalism and appearance of your paved area with parking lot or roadway striping.

Get on the road with seasoned pros. Give us a shout at 517-278-7452 for your paving services in Coldwater, Michigan.