Why Wait to Excavate?

Hire an excavating contractor in Coldwater, MI

Hire an excavating contractor in Coldwater, MI

For two decades, Thompson Construction has served homeowners and commercial property owners alike through a range of professional heavy equipment services. We can help you with your:

  • Asphalt services
  • Snow plowing and salting
  • Excavation and pipe installation

What can we do for you?

  • Major and minor excavating. We can handle all of your dirt work, including excavating large or small areas in Coldwater, Michigan and the surrounding area. We’ll also haul away the material.
  • Pipe fitting. We can install or repair pipe or tubing systems for your liquid, gas or septic system needs.
  • Land grading. Need your land graded in Coldwater, Michigan for either drainage or new construction? We’re skilled professionals who’ll get the angles right.
  • Septic system digging. Let us dig out the exact space needed for installing a professional septic system at your Coldwater, Michigan property.
Contact us at 517-278-7452 for your excavation services in Coldwater, Michigan.